Topics for Sociology dissertation

It is a pervasive lie that almost every researcher commits; they claim that research brings academic innovations. In actual sense, a dissertation should be based on the golden rule that research comes from two words, ‘re-search’ of which in reality dissertation should be looking forward to adding more value to the already existing research and besides, all dissertation should be narrow, precise and easy to manage research area. 

While coming up with dissertation topics, research aims, and objectives, researchers should not choose topics out of pressure or current debate but instead focus on the depth, less common, and matches the researchers’ intention and taste. 

Cultural Sociology dissertation topic

It turns out to be one of the most used and common branches of sociology dissertation topics. It covers norms, beliefs, values, behavior, acts, material, and non-material aspects of culture. Karl Marx, Max Weber, and Charles Durkheim give us a window to seeing this sociology discipline. Some of the most sought after topics are;

  1. Seeing into it that Karl Marx’s conflict theory is applied in the United Kingdom.
  2. Whether or not Weber’s theory of rationalism is applicable in social life in the United Kingdom.
  3. Understanding the changing patterns of culture in the United Kingdom these past years.
  4. The impact of cultural invasion from immigrants on the locals in the United Kingdom and the norms, values, and beliefs of the people in the United Kingdom. 

Sociology of education dissertation topic

This dissertation tends to study the impact of several social elements on the educational system of the society. Some mostly view this effect coming through individuals, structures of education, or even public policies on education. Below are listed branches,

  1. Weighing the relationship between a teacher’s motivation level and the learner’s public school result’s perfect outcome
  2. Assessing the structure and system of education in public schools with significant relevance to socially unaccepted persons. 
  3. Questioning and assessing the impact of guidance and counseling in primary schools 
  4. The varying impact of the school environment to the learner’s understanding of the society vastly
  5. Finding out whether students fail in schools because of their negligence or other factors negatively impact their failure. It brings about C Wright’s idea of education in the United Kingdom today.

Sociology of religion dissertation topic

 This religious aspect questions a variety of the impact of religion on the society and how it affects the people and this is viewed through interactions people get at these religious gatherings and this affects the beliefs, norms, and beliefs of the people and this can be questioned and viewed well through;

  1. Comparing and contrasting religious norms and differences in the United Kingdom.
  2. Accepting the religious differences and independently agreeing to what’s right for one 
  3. Finding out if there’s any relationship between religion and social being or social life.
  4. Adventuring to find out the difference and relationship between religion, education, and social life.
  5. Dining out if there is a relationship between religion and sex or sexual morals of all those living in society.
  6. Looking out for the impact of religion on marriage in the United Kingdom, including the vices that religion points out.


In a nutshell, most sociological perspectives accept the fact that there are differences. They ought to be accepted and that no matter the difference, social beings will always act on the social side of life. Marx, Weber, and Durkheim all question the impact of the above dissertation topics on society.


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