Fresh And Captivating Dissertation Topics For Your MBA

Whether you have an easy or difficult time completing your paper will depend on the topic you choose. Luckily for you at this level, you have the freedom to choose your dissertation topics in education or any other course you may be studying. A topic appears like a simple task since you will only be dealing with a few words before you go into the field for your data collection and return for analysis and literature reviews. This causes many students to ignore the exercise. They end up choosing dissertation topics in organizational leadership or other areas that do not meet the requirements of academia and dictates of the department. What are the mandatory requirements when choosing a topic for your academic paper?


The topic chosen should be new or deliver fresh insights to the industry and the reader. In fact, it is said that your supervisor and other senior members of the department have encountered thousands of dissertation topics in higher education or whichever field you are studying. However, you must provide them with fresh and captivating ideas to read. The committee and panel during your defense will not take any old topic lightly unless you can add an interesting twist to it.


Readers make a decision whether to read your paper or not based on the wording of your title. You if the title suggests an interesting topic, they will pick your paper. If the topic is mundane and colorless, no one will touch your paper. Get proofread dissertation topics examples that will guide you on how to craft the most interesting topic. An interesting topic depends on the words you use when crafting it.


Readers pay attention to a paper if it provides relevant content. This is shown in title of your paper. Relevance should be viewed in terms of PhD level paper and the discipline you are studying. The aim is to ensure that the expectations of the reader from looking at your dissertation topics for MBA are met. It is especially tricky to find a topic in physics being almost similar to one in mathematics. Your title should make it clear that your paper is on physics or mathematics.

Here is a dissertation topics list capturing the most captivating ideas in business today.

  • The business of war and suffering innocent populations
  • Use of technology in an increasingly risky world
  • Online banking; the risks and opportunities
  • Depleting natural resources and the future of some industries
  • Should countries tie business interactions to democracy?
  • Is entrepreneurship a big word that means ordinary things?
  • Should the government provide free capital to viable ideas?
  • The place of mentors in business success
  • Use of social media in reputation management
  • State regulation and stifling of creativity

The topic sets the boundaries for your paper. For instance, dissertation topics psychology should show the limit on issues tackled. This ensures that expectations generated by the reader upon seeing your topic are met.

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