Psychology dissertation topics

Psychology is one of the fields you will often need to write dissertations. A psychology dissertation plays a significant role in adding substance to actual knowledge within the area of study. Achieving a good dissertation topic requires that you do extensive research. The research can be conducted through thorough searching on virtual online platforms, perusing through past dissertations of such kind, and much more. In the journey to writing a quality dissertation, a student should focus on exploring and finding solutions to potential queries within the area of research. Let us explore some of the best psychology dissertation topics you can write based on various categories.

Cognitive psychology dissertation Topics

  • Barriers to the brain’s modular view
  • The view on the incompatibility of direct and indirect perception theories
  • The link between emotion, anxiety, and social cognition disorders
  • Exploring all the cortex areas
  • The thought of MRI studies as a brain functionality indicator
  • Barriers to the plasticity of an adult’s human brain
  • the short-term memory role of the prefrontal cortex
  • Understanding perception through visual illusions
  • The circumstance variation of sense of time

Developmental psychology dissertation topics

  • The position of plasticity in molding development of cognitive visualization
  • Understanding the variations in cognitive development
  • The informative role of in understanding neutral development mechanisms  
  • Cultural influence on conversational understanding between children and adults
  • The children’s growth through secure and positive environments
  • The essence of acquiring biological growth and artistic growth in the development of children

Social psychology dissertation topics

  • The role of emotion and reason in judging morally in the social intuitionist model  
  • The start of non-verbal communication among infants
  • The legacy underlying cognitive dissonance

Evolutionary psychology dissertation topics

  • The adequacy of reciprocal altruism invalidating various social experiences
  • The failure of individual cognitive modules and traits in understanding the social behavior of humans
  • The relevance of averageness, facial symmetry, etc. as indicators of choosing mates
  • The validity of artificially-induced instances as ways of examining human behavior in real life
  • The significant roles of the frontal cortex as parts that make people unique
  • The reality of the cheater detection rule as a fantasy or fact   
  • Explanation of anomalies in human decision making through evolutionary psychology

Abnormal psychology dissertation topics

  • Exploring Schizophrenia as a syndrome with many dimensions
  • The rate at which cannabis deficits the memory working
  • Possible causes of face processing deficits when one is a victim of Autism Spectrum
  • Differences in cognitive processes between victims of Schizophrenia and those with typical processes

Personality psychology dissertation topics

  • The differences between introvert group discussions and extrovert group discussions
  • The potential of various perfectionism forms in speculating attitudes on failure and success
  • The possibility of children personality trait identification in predicting adult personality profiles  
  • Distinctions between seekers of sensation versus those who have been conflicted internally
  • Exploring first-time impressions and their role in assessing individual traits   

More psychology dissertation topics

  • The level to which color can impact sporting performance
  • The color effects on emotions
  • The possibility of language affecting perception
  • Examining whether the influence of language can impact thoughts
  • The impact of religion on mental wellbeing
  • Differences between individuals and their impact on creativity  


In summary, psychology is a broader field that will give you space to run deep into essential ideas in your dissertation. However, this calls for a proper choice of topics in the same area.


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